The MirroCool Factor: What Makes us REALLY Stand Out

The MirroCool Factor: What Makes us REALLY Stand Out

Date: 04.05.2017

Facial Gestures Recognition (FGR) software helps differentiate MirroCool product from its competitors.

So, you have decided to make the leap and make one of the most important purchases of the future: a smart mirror! Whether you have owned a smart home product before or this is your first one, you are making the right choice. The smart home industry is booming and will only continue to increase as technology becomes more sophisticated as consumers are looking for those products that make life that much easier. That’s where MirroCool comes in.

Now, we know you are wondering why you should choose MirroCool over other smart mirror products out there. Perhaps, you might have heard of reputable brands that are coming out with a smart mirror or have already purchased another smart product on Kickstarter. MirroCool is like nothing you have ever seen before - after all, it functions hands-free and voice-free! How so?

MirroCool proprietary Facial Gestures Recognition (FGR) technology works with 70 well-recognized facial features and turns the device into a hands-free and voice-free functional smart mirror. With our functionality, your mirror will turn into your own personal-assistant and as you stand in front of your mirror, you will get instant medical reminders, traffic reports, weather updates, calendar alerts and other important event notifications to prepare for the day. No more teaching your smart device to recognize your intonation, accent, voice and occupying your hands, which you need to get your morning tasks done!

MirroCool opted against voice recognition after research indicates that it is much easier to register faces than voices. In fact, the technology behind voice recognition is still infantile and it often simply takes too long for the software to recognize different accents and voices while this isn’t a problem for FGR! Forget those pesky fingerprints - your mirror will remain squeaky clean and your own personalized notes will appear as soon as you look into the mirror.

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MirroCool Smart Mirror was developed by a team of cutting edge innovators coming from industries as varied as mirror production, visual monitoring systems, and access control. MirroCool integrates these verticals and delivers one phenomenal device: the MirroCool, a smart mirror and automated personal assistant.

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