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Assistant ALL-In-One

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Key Features

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Personal Assistant

Mirrocool connects with your smart device and displays customizable and personalized information:

  • Personal Welcome
  • Appointments
  • Meetings
  • Birthday Notifications
  • To-Do List
  • Weather
  • Traffic
  • Social

Selfie photos

Mirrocool using it’s built-in HD camera can take a selfie picture.

Selfie pictures can be sent to:

  • Your smart phone,
  • MirroCloud (personal cloud storage)
  • Email, MMS
  • Share to social networks

Message Board

Mirrocool will inform you about new emails and text messages from your mobile. You can even read your email headlines and text messages directly on Mirrocool.

Information Board

Mirrocool can be your information board. It can display much useful information like:

  • Weather forecast
  • Traffic info
  • Breaking news headlines

Home Security

Mirrocool can also be your intelligent home guard, a part of your home security system. In 'Home Away" mode the built-in camera uses motion detection. When it detects faces which is not 'home user' it takes a picture and sends it instantly to mirrocloud and to your mobile Mirrocool app with an alert notification. You can immediately call the local police using one click.

Managing Mirrocool - Mobile App

Mirrocool comes with its own mobile application (Android, iOS). The app is needed to configure and manage the Mirrocool. You can manage your mirror, your calendar reminders, information widgets, etc., just from your mobile.

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About us

The Mirrocool was developed from our team of cutting edge inventors who specializes in mirror production, visual monitoring systems and access control. We have taken these specialties and combined them into one phenomenal device.

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Mirrocool head office is located at:

1 Hallidie Plaza, 2nd floor - #1
San Francisco, 94102


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