Discover MirroCool - A New Player in the Smart Mirror Playing Field

Discover MirroCool - A New Player in the Smart Mirror Playing Field

Date: 27.04.2017

Optimize your day by doing what comes naturally: Looking at your reflection.

What is a Smart Mirror? A highly functional, advanced mirror that contains electronics, including but not limited to, displays, cameras and sensors. Internet connectivity and touch screen option? You’ve got it!

Welcome to the new world of home automation, where your electronics are taking over to increase productivity and make life that much easier. Globally, the smart mirror market is experiencing high growth for those with busy work schedules and changing lifestyles. Need those extra minutes where you aren’t holding your phone in the morning to prepare for the day ahead? Your smart mirror will come in handy here.

In 2016, the global smart mirror industry was valued by Technavio Research, a market research group, at $440.25 million, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.21% to reach USD 783.26 million by 2022. While the products were mainly seen in retail and automotive industries for many years, growth is expected in home smart mirrors as they become a more affordable, hip productivity tool to include in your day.

This is where MirroCool, the first smart mirror and personal assistant, all-in-one comes into play! 

With our Kickstarter campaign launching in May, you’ll want to be one of the first ones to get a hold of our new product. After spending time reviewing the features that are popular amongst our competitors, we are working to bring a superior product to the table that combines the best of those features - and some of our own, too. Did you know MirroCool comes with a built-in HD camera that recognizes individual faces? That’s only one of its notable features. 

The most important include:

Fits into your Home Decor

When the display is switched off, it looks It looks like an ordinary mirror and blends well with your decor with its thin hardware, hidden within 2cm of frame. No electronics are seen!

Personal Assistant

MirroCool connects with your smartphone to provide customizable and personalized information about:

  • Appointments
  • Meetings
  • Birthday’s 
  • To Do’s
  • Weather
  • Traffic
  • Social Events

.. And so much more!

Message Board

MirroCool will inform you new emails and text messages from your smartphone. You can even read email headlines and text messages, all without looking away from your mirror. You can also read other important information, including weather forecast, traffic and breaking news.

Home Security

Afraid of intruders when you are away? MirroCool will keep your home safe! In “home away” mode, the smart mirror uses motion detection and will let you know if it sees a face that is not its regular user. It will snap a photo, sending it to your device, allowing you to immediately notify police if necessary.

Snap that selfie

Use the built-in HD camera functionality to snap your selfie and send it to your smartphone, MirroCloud (personal cloud storage), email, MMS or even share to your social media networks. It’s all possible with MirroCool!

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About us

MirroCool Smart Mirror was developed by a team of cutting edge innovators coming from industries as varied as mirror production, visual monitoring systems, and access control. MirroCool integrates these verticals and delivers one phenomenal device: the MirroCool, a smart mirror and automated personal assistant.

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