Missed Our Kickstarter? Meet The MirroCool Shop!

Missed Our Kickstarter? Meet The MirroCool Shop!

Date: 26.08.2017

Don’t fret, there’s still some time to snag that discount on MirroCool while supplies last!

If you missed the 45 day period of our Kickstarter (we EXCEEDED our milestone!!), you might feel despair that MirroCool is out of reach. Whether you were cash strapped during this period or simply weren’t reading all the press that talked about the coolest new smart mirror to hit the market, we’ve come up with a solution to get MirroCool into your hands QUICKLY. Wait for it.. We’ve officially opened the MirroCool Shop!

MirroCool has sneakily stuck our shop behind the pre-order now button on our homepage because when you purchase MirroCool right now, you would still be pre-ordering our mirror and obtaining it as if you purchased from Kickstarter  - with a few differences. First, if you purchased MirroCool on Kickstarter, you will have received 5GB of storage whereas our shop will only offer you 1GB. 

While you will still be among the group of first backers who receive our awesome product, you will receive the shipment approximately 1-2 months after our Kickstarter supporters.

Are you ready to invite innovation into your life? From snapping that hands-free selfie, ensuring your home remains intruder free or simplifying your life through updates and alerts, don’t miss out on this exclusive special offer! The reduced shop pricing is only a two-week post Kickstarter incentive - so get it while it is hot.




About us

MirroCool Smart Mirror was developed by a team of cutting edge innovators coming from industries as varied as mirror production, visual monitoring systems, and access control. MirroCool integrates these verticals and delivers one phenomenal device: the MirroCool, a smart mirror and automated personal assistant.

Contact us

To schedule an interview or obtain an investor packet, contact Anne Howard from the AH Marketing Group at:




MirroCool head office is located at:

28 2nd Street 3rd Floor PMB #3248
San Francisco, CA 94105-3455

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