How Home Automation Will Change Your Life  - MirroCool Coming to Yours

How Home Automation Will Change Your Life - MirroCool Coming to Yours

Date: 14.06.2017

Home automation is nothing new, but it has recently gained popularity with the rise of smart home products.

With our aspiration to gain control over technology, not just rely on technology to help us make our lives easier, it makes sense that Transparency Market Research projects that home automation will become a $21.6 billion global industry by 2020. Let’s face it: home automation and smart home products simply make our lives easier. From the ability to monitor our children’s sleep patterns from an app or check if your home is secure from your mobile device, the opportunities are limitless - and MirroCool is keeping track of all trends and welcoming new additions to our product with open arms.

Let’s dive deeper into the topic on how home automation can benefit your life and we’re guessing you’ll be reviewing the latest and greatest products ASAP (starting with MirroCool!)

Manufacturers of whole-house automation systems have developed sophisticated technologies that permit you to adjust appliances, review surveillance footage, adjust temperature and even alert you of suspect activities. There is actually an entire world called assistive devices or robotics that will help you get those mundane tasks done, all while you’re at work or out having fun. Need laundry folded? Check. Clean and mop your floors? Done. It’s all possible with home automation, but it can come at a hefty price. How much do you value your time?

MirroCool has developed its own mobile app where you can control just about anything to do with the smart mirror, directly from your device. The product cleverly integrates Facial Gestures Recognition Technology (FGR), teaching your mirror to recognize your face, put your reminders and alerts on display and so much more.

Why does MirroCool stand out from reliable competitors?

MirroCool is the only smart mirror on the market that offers Facial Gestures Recognition Technology, functioning only with the recognition of your unique facial expressions. When registering your profile, the mirror scans your face, stores your faceprint and the display will recognize you based on the settings that you entered in the app, showing the information that you want to see. Beyond this innovative technology, MirroCool can protect your home, alerting you if an unknown person has entered the property and you can decide whether or not to alert local authorities. You can also snap that beautiful selfie and share it directly with others or build a stylebook of looks to review whenever you’re looking for that next outfit of the day.

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